Cloud Computing


We’ve all heard of it somewhere along the lines, and perhaps you’ve even asked yourself…
Is Cloud Computing for me and my business? …The answer is an emphatic YES!
Whether you are a medium or small business, or even an individual user, Cloud Computing
is absolutely the way to go. Why pay to maintain an internal server and worry about
unreliable in-house backup when you can have all your data safe and sound on the cloud,
and have the ability to access it from ANYWHERE!

Some of the principal benefits of cloud computing:
• PIECE OF MIND. Your data is always backed up by virtue of the fact that it’s on the
cloud. Save your document into your My Documents folder or Desktop,
and it’s on the cloud!
• Having the ability to share data files, Calendars, and Contacts with your employees
or co-workers, and have access to these files from anywhere in the world, on any
of your mobile devices!
• Access your E-mail, Contacts and Calendar from anywhere
• COST! Cloud Computing is incredibly inexpensive. As low as 4 dollars per month
per user which includes 10 gigs of file space, and just 10 dollars per month per user
for 25 gigs of mailbox space! Compare that to what it costs to purchase and
maintain an internal server!

Let us show you how you can enjoy the benefits of Cloud Computing with a FREE consultation
AND… Provide you references and testimonials from other businesses we’ve already
converted to cloud computing!


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