How We Work


They say that money doesn’t grow on trees…

Why let your Computer Repair people treat it like it does?

It’s all about being proactive. 

While many computer service companies are reactionary, responding only to problems as they occur, we at Main Line Computer Consulting believe in a proactive philosophy, something which we have built into a low, monthly flat-rate that can be negotoated according to your business needs. After you turn out the lights in your office, we are at work remotely performing regular virus and malware scans, Windows updates, hard drive maintenance and disk defragmentation. Our approach increases productivity for your employees by reducing their computer’s downtime!

In addition to our regular maintenance, we include the following in your service rate:

Remote Service Calls – If a problem arises with one of your office computers, we can simply connect remotely to that computer, in many cases almost immediately.

On-Site Computer Repair – When a problem occurs requiring a technician, we can send one of our technicians to you promptly…No one beats our service response time! 

Quick response to system abnormalities – When we are alerted about system warnings we work swiftly to resolve the situation!