Computer Tips

It’s a simple fact of life that many of the things we use on a daily basis like our cars, our appliances, and yes, even our computers will break down at some point. But over the past 12 years, we here at Main Line Computer Consulting have learned that there are simple steps businesses can take to make those breakdowns less frequent, and experiencing production loss because of a breakdown of less painful.


  • Have a Backup Computer  In business environments where many of the employees perform the same, or at least similar tasks, having a backup computer on hand with all of the basic programs your business uses can mean the difference between an employee waiting for hours doing nothing while a technician fixes his or her computer, or be back up and working within just a few short minutes!
  • Close Out Of Your Programs  While in general it’s ok to leave your computer turned on overnight or when stepping out of your office for a time, it’s important to log out of your programs before you do. Leaving programs open leaves you susceptible to data loss should a power failure occur. It also saves you money on IT costs because if a technician has to wait for an employee to return before he or she can perform troubleshooting tasks
  • Keep It Cool  Try to keep the area around your computer cool (especially with servers) Heat kills electronics! 
  • Change Your Passwords  And do it regularly. It’s your business. This is one of the simplest things you can do to keep it secure
  • Limit Internet Usage  It’s a fact that most employees like to have a look at the internet from time to time throughout their day, It’s fine to have a lax policy on employee internet , but it’s good policy to keep internet streaming usage to a minimum. Having several people on a network streaming video and/or music throughout the day can significantly slow your network’s performance
  • Call A Professional  When things go wrong, don’t try to fix them yourself! In many cases, this just worsens the problem and leads to even more downtime for you and your employees as it makes for an even bigger problem for us to fix!