Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked computer related questions we receive…


How often should I run virus and malware scans?   The general answer to this question is; on a regular basis, but how often really depends on your internet usage. Users who surf the internet on a regular basis and use no caution opening email attachments throughout the course of the day, tend to have the most infections and need frequent scans, while users who tend to open just a couple of the same pages every day, and are cautious about what attachments they open in emails require fewer scans

What can I do to make my computer run faster?   Have a qualified IT technician perform a tune-up on your computer. At Main Line Computer Consulting, we perform a 6 step process to make your computer run faster

What about those ads I see that pop up on my computer, or on TV for downloads boasting that they can make my computer run faster?   We recommend you don’t purchase these so-called fixes. Most of these ads display a computer log showing errors on your computer in an effort to entice you to purchase their download, when in fact what they are showing you is your Windows Event Log which typically list common errors that occur during the normal functionality of your Windows operating system. What’s really sinister is the fact that many of these so-called ‘performance enhancing programs actually act as malware themselves, and trick you into spending your money on something that will not only do damage to your computer, but use your computer as a spam slave as well. Our advice: call a qualified IT technician to help speed up your computer!

How should I be backing up my computer?  Backing up is one of the most important, if not THE most important function you should be performing on your computers and servers on a daily basis. After all, in the event of a disaster, computer equipment can be replaced…data cannot! In most cases, we recommend Cloud backup. Contact us about the best ways to backup your precious data!

How much memory do I need?  If you’re talking about hard drive space, that is entirely dependant on how much data you plan on saving to your computer. If you’re talking about RAM memory, the sky is the limit! Having above adequate RAM memory on your computer is one of the best way to enhance your computer’s overall performance!

What is de-fragging and how often should I do it?  The best way to describe computer data fragmentation is with the following analogy; Imagine it’s a nice summer Saturday morning, and your grass needs cutting, but instead of simply getting the lawn mower out of the garage, and mowing the lawn, your lawn mower is completely taken apart with it’s components stored in various places throughout your garage. So in order to cut the grass, you must first put the lawn mower together, piece by piece, then, when you’re finished, you must take the lawn mower apart and put all the pieces back where they were. This is essentially what you’re asking your computer to do when it has to open fragmented files. De-fragging your computer speeds up the opening of files, and both Windows 7 and 8 operating systems have a built-in defragger which you can configure to run on a regular basis, so there’s no excuse for having a fragmented hard drive!

Which brand of computer should I buy?  The truth of the matter is, there is really no one major brand that is fundamentally better than the others. Purchasing a computer, particularly a laptop is a matter of personal preference, as some have larger screens then others, are lighter in weight, offer different physical features, etc We do however, recommend a certain for brand for businesses, and have been recommending this certain brand for years, as we’ve found it to be an excellent choice for a business environment. Call us and we’ll share with you what that is.