Depending on what type of service we are performing, our hourly rate is as follows: 


Standard Business Rate: $99 per hour

This rate covers standard, non-network related service such as printer installations, virus removal, E-mail configuration to a workstation or mobile device, memory upgrades, software installation/upgrade on an individual computer (does not include multi-computer software installation and configuration) and other general computer troubleshooting

Standard Business Networking Rate: $125 per hour

This rate applies when any network related service is performed, such as service to servers, installation of server based software with multiple workstations utilizing the data, installation of network printers, server backup configuration, network scanning, and general network troubleshooting

Please keep in mind that these are our standard rates, and do not apply for performing new projects such as new network setups, setting up cloud email and cloud backup system-wide, or any other major computer network new configurations, which are negotiated before the project commences at a pre-agreed to, flat project price. This is a pricing feature that all of our clients love, because they know how much they’re paying for a project without any hidden costs!

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