Windows 8

While we here at Main Line Computer Consulting love Windows 7, there are 3  compelling reasons for you to consider upgrading to Windows 8. 


1. Windows To Go  Businesses that upgrade to Windows 8 Enterprise can avail themselves of Windows to Go. This feature enables a self-contained, secure and customizable Windows 8 environment to run on a portable USB flash drive. This can be extremely useful and here are some examples: You can allow contract and remote workers to access corporate applications and data from personal PCs, rather than having to provide them with company-owned hardware. This also gives in-office workers greater mobility by not tying them down to a particular PC.


2. Better System Recovery  With previous versions of Windows, System Restore can sometimes fix problems by rolling the computer back to an earlier system configuration, but often the only true way to cure a PC of serious maladies is to start over from scratch with a fresh copy of Windows. Windows 8 makes this process considerably simpler and quicker. Windows 8′s PC Refresh feature will—in about 10 minutes—automatically reinstall a clean copy of Windows 8 while preserving personal data, key system settings, and Windows 8-compatible apps. You’ll still have to install pre-Windows 8 programs after the refresh, but a list of such software is saved for you so you don’t have to compile it.

3. Built In Antivirus  While most business have already purchased antivirus,  Windows Defender which is included with Windows 8 offers the same full-fledged virus and malware protection you get with Microsoft’s well-regarded Microsoft Security Essentials, with no need to download or install additional anti-virus software.

Afraid of the layout change?  Don’t be. While Windows 8 was designed primarily to run on tablets, you still have the option to switch to desktop mode which will change the look to what you’ve been accustomed to in Windows XP and Windows 7